• Yogesh Chavda

My 3 learning's in 2016

2016 is racing to an end, and here we are - reflecting on what we accomplished this year. So what happened this year? What did I learn?

Shifting your mindset on how you work

One of the most pivotal infographics that influenced my thinking came from someone on Linkedin. I wish I captured their name - whoever created this - I want to thank you! This infographic suggested that the old sales model included sales demos, cold calls and qualifying leads had shifted to a new sales model which leveraged social networks, education and engagement. Taking this to heart, I worked on developing workshops, webinars and presentations like:

  • Workshop on the Future of Customer Experience

  • Internet of Things related business models

  • Future of Mobility

  • Customer Experience in the age of Internet of Things

It was amazing to see how many people attended these events.

Learning something new

My knowledge on Internet of Things, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence was limited at the start of 2016. These are exciting new areas that have the potential to transform practically every industry. The emphasis is currently on the technology itself. I've approached these areas leveraging my knowledge on consumer insights, and trends. How do these new technologies transform consumer behaviors? How do we create new solutions and services that enhance consumer engagement and loyalty to brands? This is where IoT, ARVR and AI become really exciting. My presentations (mentioned above) speak to these disruptions.

Networking, networking, networking

This goes without saying. The question is how. I found Meetup as one of the most influential platforms in helping network with like-minded people. Groups such as IoT Chicago, ChiVR, Connected Car, IBM Watson IoT have helped me broaden my understanding about these topic areas as well finding likeminded people who have helped me build my business.

Additionally, I've been fortunate to have met two amazing people, Nikki Mamuric and Ann Hoeger, who helped re-initiate the Procter & Gamble Alumni Group in Chicago. This alumni group is truly outstanding. Their input and guidance has taught me a lot about what's happening in Chicago and helped me keep in touch with the latest trends.

Staying in touch with current and former colleagues is another great way to ensure you're staying relevant in your industry. I'm grateful to everyone who was willing to speak and share their experiences on what's worked/not worked for them and have helped broaden my network along the way. You know who you are!!

Finally, 2016 feels like a pivotal year. There have been many challenges, but on reflection - there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

What did you learn in 2016?

Feel free to share in the comments section.

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