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Customer Experience - how to anticipate?

There are two concepts in foresight that are consistently embraced by experts.

The first is that the future is already here but its not evenly distributed. This implies there's sufficient experimentation that can lead to disruption.

The second is that you have to look into the past to project the future. Depending on the industry, evolution can occur over time.

Both of these concepts are important in helping map out where we are today. But this still leaves the question on how do you anticipate and project? This webinar starts the discussion on leveraging the Second Curve framework to help map and anticipate how any particular industry can change or shift based on disruptions within its industry or across other industries.

In the context of Customer Experience, most of the industry speaks to how we communicate, is it seamless, is it consistent, etc? Yet, there is a prior step that is just as critical, i.e., what's the new benefit or value for your customer that's going to delight or excite the customer. Most brands and businesses, offer incremental benefits that don't necessarily delight. Hence, this is VERY hard to do on a consistent basis - yet this is is the key fundamental driver for delighting your customer over time. The brand experience has to exceed the customers expectation else the customer will be disappointed, or at best feel neutral to your brand. This webinar presents a foundational understanding of how to approach foresight leveraging trends, signals and disruptions. And it takes it to the next level of what activities need to be undertaken to capitalize on disruptions.

This is intended to initiate the discussion. Feel free to comment and reach out to us at Y2S Consulting.


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