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Y2S Council: Future of Customer Experience Workshop

Every interaction between a brand and a consumer shapes customer experience (CX). Companies that refine this path to purchase by creating valuable, efficient and positive experiences reap great rewards: satisfied, loyal customers, increased referrals, revenue and more.

Today, CX is radically changing--and fast. According to Walkers Customer 2020 Study, “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator”.

For services like Amazon’s Dash, Apple Pay, and Blue Apron, innovating the end to end journey has become their strongest competitive advantage. So, what is the future of customer experience when these types of disruptions are everywhere?

Join Yogesh Chavda, from Y2S Consulting, for a collaborative roundtable discussion to explore the crusaders of customer experience today and dive deep into the emerging trends, methods, technologies and influences transforming the way we do business.

Together, we will examine business models, product delivery methods, wayfinding, payment processing and other innovations to learn how these insights can be used to optimize your company’s future.

You should leave this workshop with the following ...

  • A greater understanding of defining your future state customer experience

  • A firm grasp on how to identify early indicators to pay attention to in your industry

  • An outline of how to turn insights into a strategic roadmap to implement your refined CX

  • Tips and recommendations on enrolling your organization in the process

Who should attend: Innovation, insights and customer experience experts, marketing and sales professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners

Pre-work: Bring an example, or two, of new approaches to enhancing the customer experience. This can be across any brand, product, service, retail, in-store or on-line navigation, payments etc.

For details:

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