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Why Join Y2S Council?

Do you have a specific action plan on how you intend to invest in yourself professionally? As I had shared in a previous post, investing in your self professionally can be in three areas – business understanding, technical development and personal skill-set development.

The idea behind Y2S Council is to help insights professionals who are looking to grow their professional careers and need input, guidance, networks etc. Our goal is to provide a confidential environment where members can candidly share their experiences and learn from each other. The topics for the Council will vary – it can range from insights leadership to designing learning plans in a high flux environment where priorities change constantly. Or it can be meaty topics like designing new products/services in the age of the Internet of Things.

Our hope is that you will consider this forum as an investment in your personal growth journey.

To find out more, feel free to connect with us. We look forward to connecting with you.

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