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What type of insights organization do you have?

Based on my experience, there are three profiles for an insights organization. These profiles are a reflection of today's reality, this does not mean one profile is better than another profile.

Profile 1: Client experience

Business partners have significant experience within the industry. Their experience drives decision making. Their ask from a market research or insights function is to keep them updated. Sharing of industry reports, maybe a few key studies a year to keep everyone informed and you are good to go.

Profile 2: Validate my thinking

Business partners have a point of view on what they want to do. They are seeking information that validates their thinking in the market place. Why is this even important? Chances are the data is being sought to gain alignment across stakeholders.

Profile 3: Innovation mindset

Business partners are seeking to understand how consumer and shopper expectations are evolving. In this profile, business partners want to learn what's happening externally and test hypotheses in designing new innovation.

I can almost feel everyone assessing which profile fits their department. One would expect that most organizations are a hybrid of all three. And as one goes through that assessment process, most insights professionals would like to be in profile three. A simple test is to see your budget allocation. All three areas need to be funded, however, what gets more credence within the organization?

How would you describe your organization? A hybrid, or any one of these profiles? Are there other profiles? Discuss!

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